Ashley + Devon

A few weeks ago I had the honor of doing the Wedding Photography for 2 of the worlds most wonderful (and sweet, creative and fun) people! Ashley and Devon may be close friends of mine but their 'wonderful-ness', warmth and genuine personalities are not solely the product of biased opinion;) I have never heard so many kind words and heart felt speeches spoken about any two people.Ashley and Devon threw an AMAZING (and detailed)! picnic wedding that was the perfect mixture of relaxed, fun and elegant! From the invitations to the napkins and desserts,every detail was hand made and gorgeous!...Get ready (get comfortable!) to see the story of Ashley + Devon's Picnic Wedding unfold:)

the last few touches...

These are the coolest invitations ever! (made by ashley of course;)

I love how happy Devon looks right before the ceremony is about to begin!

I hope you are ready for the yummiest and prettiest details!:)

Napkins or hats?

The beautiful mothers!

And then the awesome speeches! 

This wedding party was AMAZING to work with:)

Time to PARTY!!:)